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3 Ways to Clean Your Tile Flooring

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When you choose the type of flooring for your bathroom and kitchen, you consider its durability because these areas get wet from time to time. Most of the flooring type in these areas is tile flooring. When you take care of it properly, the floor might still look good after few years. That’s why as a homeowner, you should consider learning hard surface cleaning techniques, flooring care and cleaning a stained grout. If you have faux and ceramic tile flooring, you can use the techniques we will be sharing with you.

Tile Flooring

Basic Tile Flooring Care

Regular Sweeping and Vacuuming 

This is a basic flooring care that you should do daily to remove food crumbs, loose dirt and other pieces of debris that accumulates on your floor. If you don’t quickly clean dirt and let it sit in wet areas it might turn into grime that is difficult to remove.

Remember that vacuuming and sweeping the tile floor comes first before you clean or mop it. After you sweep it, run a dust mop or cloth duster over the floors to remove dirt that are not removed by sweeping.

Mop with Warm Water 

If the floor looks good and doesn’t need heavy cleaning, mop the floor to keep it clean. Use fresh warm water to cleanse the mop after you mop once section of the room. Repeat this process until you’re done with the entire floor.

You can actually add dish soap in the warm water so everyday debris and dirt will be cleaned. To keep the tile floor shiny, run a dusting cloth over the floor.

Dry the Floor 

Whether you use water mixed with detergent or water alone, and to prevent new dirt from quickly staining the grout, run a dry mop over the tile floor. This technique will save you cleaning time in the future.

Quickly Clean Spills

If you drop milk, water or glass of juice, quickly clean it up. If you let it sit for a longer time, the spill soaks into the grout. Spills like sugary liquids for example dried orange are sticky and it’s annoying to clean. Also, spills that aren’t taken care of right away becomes problematic to clean because it sticks to the floor like a grime.

Use Disinfectant for Dirtier Spills

If the spill is not ordinary like previously mentioned spill; clean it with disinfectant right away. These kinds of spills are food spills or pet accident related spills. To avoid staining or degrading the entire tile flooring, apply the disinfectant to the affected area only.

You don’t have to be a tile cleaner professional to clean your tile flooring. You can do your own maintenance of your floor just like what you do in your entire house. You live there so you know how it gets dirty and you should quickly act upon it for your own good. A good and clean tile floor means you’re living in a clean house.

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