Common Window Problems

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Windows are not just limited to issues about its structure; certain inadequacies can also take place, which is unique to older units. It is crucial to take note of these problems and take immediate action before it results into bigger ones. Here are some of the common window problems. 

Window Problems

     Faulty Windows 

If windows won’t stay open or do not open at all, the problem may be just in its hardware and may require adjusting or replacement. You must first inspect the sash support system for hung windows that open up and down.  Most of the sash support systems are found on the sides of the window and may be camouflaged by a cover. 

It is advisable that you inspect your sash support system and observe if it is causing your window to stick or fall. The window operator might be replaced if the problem involves awning window that cranks open with a handle. 

     Drafty Window 

Window frames may sometimes expose leaks due to seasonal changes, one solution to this is by sealing gaps and you can benefit from energy cost savings. Around the perimeter of your house is weather-stripping, it comes in various forms and shapes and it is a must that you check closely upon looking at replacing it. 

     Poor Day Lighting 

Windows that is a decade old is not capable of providing adequate natural light; they still feature glazing technology but is quite obsolete and offers less protection against the unwanted rays of the sun. A window replaces can be done if your reason is to add more amount of sunlight that gets inside your home. 

     Excessive Air Leakage 

All windows even if it is high quality is not completely airtight, it always has a small amount of space that allows air to infiltrate and it must not be noticeable. However, if you feel air rushing in even though the window is shut tight, then obviously there is a problem in it that requires immediate action. You can repair it or replace it; the decision is up to you. 


Broken window latches and lock pose security and safety reasons. The damaged windows can be repaired or replaced depending on the severity of damage. It is advantageous to address this problem as soon as possible because the security of your home depends on it. 

    Broken or Foggy Glass 

Foggy windows also need some attention. The fogginess means that the insulated seal was broken and need replacement. Other window problems such as cracks, chips, holes, scratches and broken glass windows can be repaired or replaced with the help of professionals such as failed double glazing Bolton. 

    Damaged Screen of Windows 

Like glass, window screens can also be replaced. If your screen has damage, you may need to ask help from a door repair shop or window shop. You must make sure that you keep your old screen so that you can use it as a measurement for replacement. If the damage on your screen is not that severe, you can just fit it with the use of a new screen mesh.  

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